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Say No To Cruel Declawing!

Destructive scratching can be a problem for you and your cat. We can help you find humane solutions

say no to cat declawing

No To Declawing

Cats need their claws for many things other than for protection. Their natural balance and agility are due to their retractable claws. As cats walk on their toes they need their claws for walking, running, climbing and stretching..

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cat scratching posts

Scratching Posts

Training your cat to use a scratch-post is a legal and invasive alternative to declawing that allows the cat to lead a fulfilling life. For a cat, a scratching post is an essential item to have in the house for exercise and to..

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train your cat to stop scratching

Cat Training

Scratching is often one of the downsides to owning a pet. For cats and dogs, scratching is normal behaviour, and is something they do frequently. There are several reasons for why they use their claws..

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soft claws nail caps

Vinyl Nail Caps

An alternative to constantly trimming your cats claws to prevent scratched surfaces or using scratch-posts, is to use Soft Claws. Soft Claws are non-toxic nail vinyl caps which are easily adhered to the claws to..

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Soft Claws Nail Caps

Soft Claws is an ingenious product, which will help to stop your pets scratching your furniture and family. It is also the perfect solution to declawing, which we believe is cruel and is illegal in the UK.

Soft Claw nail covers are easy to apply to your pet’s claws and cause no unnecessary stress or suffering to the animal.

Cats can be temperamental pets and can lash out at any time without warning, particularly hazardous when there are small children around and can be painful for adults too!

“The Humane Alternative To Declawing”