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Scratching Posts Say No to Declawing!

Training your cat to use a scratch-post is a legal and non-invasive alternative to declawing that allows the cat to lead a fulfilling life.

You can make a scratch-post yourself if you would rather not buy a purpose-built one from a pet store. Find strong material, cord or rope that you can wrap tightly around a plank or block of wood. Material that shreds well without completely falling off the post is most practical, as cats like getting their claws stuck in the fabric and the more shredded it gets over time provides even more fun. Try making more than one to put in different parts of your house, and use different materials to give a bit of variety. Cats scratch down the post, so fabric with vertical aligned thread is best suited for shredding.

At first, place these posts in front of, or directly blocking the areas that your cat has been scratching. Make sure they are tightly secured, or have a heavy base, as any wobbling will deter a cat from using the post. It may also help to cover the chair arm or wall, wherever they were scratching, with aluminium foil or sticky tape (sticky side facing out), as these textures are disliked by cats. As the cat becomes more familiar with the post, you will be able to move it further away from the problem area and into less a conspicuous space, that won’t affect you walking around your own house.

Getting Your Cat to Use the Scratching Post

It’s not enough to buy a scratching post and hope your cat transfers her affections to it. You need to make it as attractive as possible.

Location matters! Place it close to your couch or wherever your cat loves to scratch. Don’t work against your cat’s routine. If the scratching post is tucked away in a corner of your house that your cat never uses it is unlikely to be effective. You can make the post more attractive with catnip and feather toys. Start off by playing with your cat around the scratching post and when she digs her claws into it, reward her. You want her to associate this new toy with fun and good experiences.

Exercise Your Cat With a Scratching Post

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What Not to Do When Your Cat Scratches Your Furniture

There is no guarantee that purchasing a scratching post will entire prevent your cat form scratching your furniture. However, here’s what NOT to do when your cat starts scratching your furniture:

Don’t strike your cat or yell at her. She won’t connect her behaviour with your displeasure. She will just be confused, frightened, and come to see you as someone who comes unglued for no logical reason. Or she may think your temper tantrum is connected with something that has nothing to do with her scratching, such as another person in the room.

Don’t drag your cat away from the furniture. While many cat owners may tell you to calmly remove your cat and drag her to the scratching post, this may not always be the best strategy. It’s better if the cat thinks the scratching post is her idea. This action might actually offend her. Instead, try to divert your cat’s attention. Call her name, distract her with a toy. Casually draw her attention to the scratching post by playing with her.

Types of Scratching Posts

Scratching posts can be made of several types of materials, textures, sizes and shapes including:

  • Wood
  • carpet
  • cardboard
  • sisal rope
  • scratching pads
  • cat trees

Scratching pads are a great choice for cats that prefer horizontal scratching that they can’t get from a post but they can get from your carpet. Which type of scratching post or pad you buy depends on your cat’s personal preferences. Horizontal and vertical scratching surfaces in different areas of the house offer variety and may prevent your cat from scratching your own belongings. Cat scratching trees are also a great option because they often combine horizontal and vertical scratching surfaces and offer a variety of textures and materials in one tree. More options means more activity and exercise for your cat.

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